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Your Family-Friendly Dentist in the Issaquah Area

Choosing a family dentist is one of the most important health decisions you will make. Issaquah area dentist Eric Derovanessian, D.D.S., is the trusted, caring professional who will treat you like a member of his own family. Don’t put off getting the personal care that will help everyone in your family achieve and maintain a lifetime of good dental health. At Northwest Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry you’ll find a compassionate, friendly team of professionals who are highly experienced in family dentistry for patients of all ages.

The team at Northwest Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry is both knowledgeable and reliable. Our goal is to help every member of your family achieve good dental hygiene and a healthy smile without the stress that often occurs when going to the dentist. If anxiety has kept you and your family from visiting the dentist for oral checkups regularly, rest assured that everyone at our practice wants to make your dental visits a comfortable experience.

Call for an appointment today at (425) 643-7100 for a healthy, more beautiful smile tomorrow. Or fill out the online form for easy scheduling. We have several convenient payment options and flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.

Permanent dental implant crowns

Dr. Eric Derovanessian at his Issaquah area dental implants practice offers extensive experience restoring your dental implant crown.

Our dedicated team uses state-of-the-art materials and techniques for stability and longevity. You’ll enjoy the comfort and confidence of natural-looking teeth.

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Botox –Cosmetic

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Botox- Deirdre

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Botox- Pamela

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Botox- Rebecca

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Botox- Tina

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If you’re looking for affordable family dentistry in Seattle you don’t need to look any further. Eric Derovanessian, D.D.S., is the family dentist Seattle residents trust to deliver experienced and professional dental care.

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Dr. Eric Derovanessian

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How To Avoid Crisis Dental Treatment

Many people don’t see a dentist on a regular basis. They go only when they feel they have a problem. At Northwest Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry we call this ‘crisis treatment’ as opposed to ‘preventive treatment.’ While these patients may feel they are saving money, it usually ends up costing much more in both dollars and time. Most dental problems don’t have any symptoms until they reach the advanced stages.

An example is tooth decay – it doesn’t hurt until it gets close to the nerve of the tooth. Then a costly root canal or dental crown are usually necessary, instead of the small filling, which could have been placed inexpensively several years ago when the cavity was small. If you have questions regarding dental emergencies, please call our office at (855) 722-2282 today.

How Does Toothpaste Work?

Tetrasodium pyrophosphate (TSPP) in toothpaste removes calcium and magnesium from the saliva so they can’t form tartar on your teeth. Some toothpastes contain potassium nitrate to build protection against the pain of sensitive teeth. Baking soda adds foam and scouring ability and can fight acid-loving bacteria.

Peroxide toothpastes not only lighten the teeth but also kill germs. Finally, sweeteners and flavorings are added to mask the taste so that you’ll use it. Call Northwest Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry at (855) 722-2282 and we’ll be happy to recommend a toothpaste that’s right for you.

Diet and Dental Health

Diets low in certain nutrients can reduce resistance to oral and dental infections including gum disease and tooth decay. A healthy immune system is essential to controlling periodontal disease. Counseling in the Four Basic Food groups will improve dental health and general health.

The consumption of sugar, especially in sticky forms or in a baby bottle while sleeping, contributes to the rapid development of dental decay. Dr. Derovanessian believes that a balanced diet, effective brushing and sensible eating habits can reduce the risk of, or even prevent, infectious dental disease. If you need more information on how a healthy diet can improve your dental health, please don’t hesitate to call Northwest Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry at (855) 722-2282.

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