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Friendly Dentist in the Redmond Area for the Whole Family

You’ll find friendly and professional family dentistry with Redmond area dentist, Eric Derovanessian, D.D.S. Your family’s dental care is our top priority and we’ll put you at ease, whatever your age. We’re particularly experienced in treating young and nervous patients! We offer a full range of modern dental treatments to ensure you walk away with a healthy and beautiful smile.

Whether you need routine or more complex dental treatment, he will start by taking a full medical history and examining your teeth thoroughly. At Northwest Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry, we have a whole range of preventive and restorative dental treatments available, depending on your specific needs. X-rays and digital photos may also be taken at this time. Treatment will be recommended based upon the results of your examination. Our office is outfitted with all of the most modern equipment to offer you the best dental care possible. We also provide basic care including consistent check-ups and professional cleaning.

Make an appointment today by calling our friendly staff at (425) 643-7100 or by filling out our online form. And please be sure to contact Northwest Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to answer them!

Home whitening for convenience

If you prefer home teeth whitening for convenience, set up an appointment with Eric Derovanessian, D.D.S. at his practice in the Redmond, WA area. You’ll be able to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home, and on your own schedule, even while you watch television or read a book. You’ll be very pleased with the results of Dr. Derovanessian’s natural home tooth whitening process.

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Botox –Cosmetic

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Botox- Tina

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If you’re looking for quality family dentistry in Kirkland you don’t need to look any further. Eric Derovanessian, D.D.S., is the family dentist Kirkland residents trust to deliver experienced and professional dental care.

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Dr. Eric Derovanessian

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Dental Disease Is Preventable

Developing healthy lifelong dental habits is the best way to prevent nearly every type of dental disease. Dr. Derovanessian recommends that you brush your teeth twice a day with a good toothpaste, floss between your teeth every day, eat a balanced diet and limit your between-meal snacks.

Be sure to schedule regular dental care by calling Northwest Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry at (855) 722-2282. By making smart food choices and following a healthy dental routine, you can dramatically lower your risk of developing tooth decay.

Bad Breath Can Be a Sign of Dental Problems

While bad breath might be a symptom of some other disorder, it most likely stems from dental decay and periodontitis. It’s more than just socially awkward – it’s a serious threat to your oral health. Periodontitis is a disease affecting gums and bone that support the teeth, and it is caused by inadequate brushing and flossing.

If you’re worried about bad breath, call us today at (855) 722-2282 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Derovanessian. If he finds gum disease and/or dental decay, it can be treated readily. There’s no need to live with bad breath, and no reason to neglect your dental health.

How To Manage Your Sensitive Teeth

If you’re already suffering from overly sensitive teeth, there are products that can help. Toothpaste designed for those with sensitive teeth can reduce the pain associated with the condition after only a few days of use. Also, be sure to stick with a soft-bristled toothbrush – hard toothbrushes will only exacerbate the problem. Brush and floss daily to maintain healthy gums and protect dentin from exposure.

Call Northwest Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry today at (855) 722-2282 to schedule an appointment.

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